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ANAKA has established its reputation as a custom manufacturer of organic fiber accessories from Madagascar.


This adventure began more than 20 years ago when I - Narindra ROBIN - was lucky enough to be able to study in France, in California, San Francisco.

Coming from an island named by the first explorers as Saint Laurent Island, now called Madagascar, I had to write my destiny and fulfil my aspirations.


My island is full of precision craftsmanship and extraordinary beauty, locally grown natural fibres allow for stunning plant-based accessory creations.


Our artisans, extraordinary women with "fairy fingers", have gold in their hands, their work is strongly influenced by French culture and art de vivre.


Naturally, my wish was to introduce into fashion and luxury this work of art craft made in Madagascar.


The relationship built with these women over the years is one of freedom, each craftswoman leading her life according to her aspirations and at her own pace, far from the exploitative models usually encountered.


I love to see their pride as they watch the most sublime creations resulting from their work live on the catwalks of haute couture and the collections of the great fashion and luxury brands in Italy, France and Europe.


My personal creations, you can find them in the collections of the brand ANAKA founded in 2015.

ANAKA private label collection of accessories are handmade with premium and luxury natural fibers :


* Raffia,

 * Woven straw,

* Sisal,


* Vegetal mix.

ANAKA Private Collection is Organic, Fair trade, can be Vegan, Ethical, Sustainable, Carbon neutral.

The company's goal is to empower people in villages by providing necessary education and skills so they are able to be independent and self-supporting, focusing on women.


Crochet Raffia ANAKA
Our Customers are well known premium and luxury international brands
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